Global Coaching Networks

Once only delivered face to face, digital coaching brings opportunities for people across the globe to connect and learn from each other.

Organisations are using VEO to deliver effective digital coaching to multiple locations, allowing peer collaboration and accelerating learning.

Coaches share their video content with course participants, and videos can also be created, tagged with more detail, and shared between peers.

This helps build confidence in certain skills, and creates sustainable and supportive learning cultures for those on the digital coaching courses.

Here’s how it works in practice.

“This is an effective programme because it gives you the chance to observe yourself and get vital and realistic feedback."

Teacher - Özel Denizli PEV Koleji

Understanding Skills

Coaches upload video guides to VEO to demonstrate the skills they’re teaching. They tag the video with key learning moments with step by step guidance to developing the skill.

Coaches and course participants interact with and discuss the videos using the tags and comments. This helps the group to showcase new skills and practices using the coaches resources.

Demonstrating Skills

Course participants then record themselves demonstrating the skill and get feedback from peers and coaches. This allows coaches to be responsive to individual strengths and weaknesses, and create and share new videos that are relevant to specific needs.

“The detailed feedback helps to improve confidence in teaching and allows the teacher to think about areas where development or further thinking is needed.”

Teacher - Bursa Çoçuk University Pre School Chain

Improving Practice

This process is repeated over the course of the digital coaching programme until the course participants can confidently develop their own effective strategies using what they’ve learned.

Coaching across multiple sites

Using VEO increases efficiency as coaches can work with professionals in multiple locations together. This means that everyone benefits from continuously improving their skills.

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