How to use VEO

Large scale training

Provide quality training and enhance opportunities for effective engagement, collaboration and learning at local, national and international level.


See techniques in action


Build understanding


Provide in-depth feedback


Put techniques into practice

Build understanding

Learners can build a deeper understanding of techniques by creating discussion points using video tags and comments.


Course participants share videos of themselves demonstrating techniques, reflect on their own performance, and receive actionable feedback from peers and tutors.

Put techniques into practice

Feedback can be actioned the very next time a learner is asked to demonstrate skills, encouraging enhanced engagement and progression throughout the training.

Upgrade your training

Enhance opportunities for effective engagement, collaboration and learning with VEO

These organisations are transforming their training with VEO

VEO is extremely valuable to the work we do. It’s allowed us to run a fully virtual programme for 50 coaches across our business.

Kristy Kurowski Leadership Development Consultant – LV= GI

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