Effective Professional Development

Record, tag and share videos for enhanced feedback, training and operations across your whole business.

Customise the system for your organisation’s specific needs, the skills you’re looking to develop, or the knowledge you’re looking to share.


Save time and money

Record and securely share videos to deliver training or observe colleagues remotely, saving travel time and expenses in the process.


Give personalised feedback

Tag videos to give specific feedback on key moments in a person’s performance. Tag sets can be tailored to the specific skills you’re looking to build.


Speed up time to competence

Record and tag videos anytime, anywhere. By removing the need for a trainer or observer to travel to site, feedback is quicker and easier to give, share and action.


Enhance personal development

Give individuals the ability to see their own performance rather than relying on subjective feedback. Enhance self-reflection and increase control over personal development.


Customise to your brand

VEO can support integration with existing platforms and Learning Management Systems. Branding and design can be tailored to fit your staff’s existing experiences and expectations.

"VEO provides a multifunctional solution to an educational problem which has been long identified where, currently, no system exists to fulfil all our requirements."

David Percival, NHS Scotland

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