Corporate & Public Sector

Better operations, communications and training

Create more effective professional development opportunities for your teams, and clearly monitor and measure success.

Customise to your needs

Vast customisation options allow you to tailor VEO to your exact needs, right down to your company branding. Integrate with your existing learning management systems to create a seamless experience for your employees.

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Feedback on new features

VEO has evolved to where it is today thanks to feedback from its users. We are always looking to collaborate with organisations to develop new features in the app, so that the platform supports your organisation in the best way possible.

Set clear standards

Share videos to demonstrate what good looks like in your organisation. Create your own video tags, use them to highlight specific moments, and comment on them to show your standards in practice and increase understanding.

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Customised CPD across multiple locations

Create activities or courses that provide high quality training and development opportunities for all employees, whatever their location or job title. You can set tasks and deadlines, monitor progress and give feedback all in one place.

Improve team communications

Individuals can tag videos to give and receive targeted feedback on their own and each other’s content. You can also create private groups to bring colleagues together around relevant issues, discuss ideas, and generally improve team communications.

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Global collaboration

Going online allows you to collaborate with others around the world.

Report on progression

Reports and video portfolios demonstrate the product of your people’s work.

Save time and money

Deliver training or observe colleagues remotely to save travel time and expenses.

VEO is extremely valuable to the work we do. It’s allowed us to run a fully virtual programme for 50 coaches across our business.

Kristy Kurowski Leadershiop Development Consultant, LV = GI

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