Specialist teaching

Phonics teaching uses specialist teaching techniques to give children the skills they need to read by themselves.

As reading is a whole new skill for young children to learn, phonics is taught in logical stages.

VEO is used by coaches to train teachers in phonics instruction, demonstrate practical phonics lesson techniques, and share theory behind it.

This helps teachers to progress from learning skills to confidently demonstrating them in practice.

“I think that the phonics digital coaching program is a good opportunity for every teacher who wants to improve and learn new teaching techniques.”

Teacher, Özel Denizli PEV Koleji

Demonstrate skills

Upload videos for teachers on the phonics course to demonstrate how to deliver specific phonics lessons. Upload supporting documents and learning materials alongside the videos in the VEO platform.

Engage with course content

Encourage teachers to comment on the videos to discuss specific aspects like lesson pacing and benefits. This introduces teachers to the VEO platform and how they can collaborate on videos and share resources.

“During this program, teachers can understand that every topic can be presented to various level students just by using different techniques and sources.”

Teacher, Özel Denizli PEV Koleji

Develop lesson strategies

Ask teachers to create their own lesson strategy and record themselves showing it in practice. This allows the coach to see skills being demonstrated in the classroom and give focused, individual feedback to each teacher on strengths and personal development points.

Improve practice

Ask teachers to create their own video tutorials on how to structure phonics lessons. This could include guidance on additional resources needed in the classroom, or demonstrating how to create phonics lesson plans.

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