How to use VEO

Share Best Practice

Unlock the potential for collaboration and improvement on a global scale by sharing new ideas and expert knowledge quickly and easily.


Capture expert knowledge


Quickly share and tag videos


Jump to key moments


Create positive change

Capture expert knowledge

Instantly collaborate with others by securely sharing, tagging and reviewing videos at an individual, organisational or global scale.

Jump to key moments

Allow others to quickly find the key lightbulb learning moments within videos by tagging the most valuable pieces of information.

Create positive change

This efficient way to share and discuss best practice allows individual strength to be highlighted and replicated, creating powerful organisational change.

Level up your workforce

Unlock your team's potential for collaboration and improvement with VEO's powerful features.

These organisations are transforming their training with VEO

Feedback from our programmes has consistently shown that VEO provides the most powerful learning outcomes for our participants.

Kristy Kurowski Leadership Development Consultant ant LV=GI

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