Tagging & Custom Tag Sets

Create key learning moments with video tags

Highlight key learning moments in any situation with video tags. Create your own bespoke tag sets, or use our templates for focused, collaborative or individual learning activities.

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Tag key learning moments

Tag key moments in your own and others’ videos to identify good performance, start discussions, or show areas for skills improvement next time around.

Get deeper with sub tags

Sub tags are created within your main tags. For example, if you’re analysing questioning in the classroom, you might create sub tags for ‘open’ and ‘closed’ to quickly analyse how many of each were asked by the teacher.

Create custom video tag sets

Custom tags allow you to guide specific discussions, or actions you want people to take. Create tags for assessment criteria for example, or to focus on developing a certain skill.

Compare tag sessions

Identify faults, share best practice with peers, and gain insight into what different people think about the same activity by comparing tag sessions side by side. All from within the VEO App.

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See how VEO could improve learning in your institution

VEO’s video tagging software allows trainers, students and professionals to see collaborative learning in action.

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