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The same idea from different angles – Paul's story

Co-Founder Paul had experience collating large scale teacher training packages, tailored to low income areas with limited teacher training experience.

The approach was a cascaded form of training, where individuals could learn from one another. Teachers would observe and assess each other and feedback on areas of improvement.

However, despite the training being well received, once the teachers were back in the classroom they didn’t actively make changes based on what they’d learned.

This is where video was utilised and implemented. By recording great techniques and sharing best practice examples, teachers received more context on what worked well and as a result began implementing changes.



The same idea from different angles – Jon's story

Co-founder Jon had experience as a teacher trainer and was actively working on a way to support trainee teachers during teacher observations, particularly trainee teachers.

Jon had identified that for many teachers, being observed was a stressful and negative experience. Many were very self conscious, uncomfortable and often defensive.

When people were given feedback directly after an observation, they were still feeling pretty self conscious, so feedback wasn’t received or implemented in the best manner.

A solution was needed to help trainees take feedback onboard without feeling defensive. The whole observation process needed to feel developmental and less stressful.

This is where video was introduced, to record observations and enable teachers to reflect on their delivery. Without the video, teachers were reflecting based on memory, with video, teachers could see real evidence.



Creating change in the classroom with the power of video

Having both experienced the effectiveness of video, the idea for tagging key moments was born.

Tagging key moments would align with different teaching frameworks, so that trainees could very quickly jump to key moments to learn and reflect.

Viewing key moments would also be a way to build up statistics in terms of strengths and areas of improvement, alongside empowerment to catalyse change and an overview of what had happened.

This approach would combine a quantitative and qualitative approach, which at the time, wasn’t widely approached in academia.




Backed by Newcastle University

A prototype was developed at Newcastle University and VEO received funding to get started. Paul and Jon began showcasing at numerous university events.

It was identified that medical professors and trainers would benefit from VEO, alongside teachers and academic staff.

Both teachers and medical professionals operate within complex environments, where lots of different things can happen. By providing video, alongside tagging and statistics, many would benefit.



Prototype launched

Following lots of interest, VEO officially went to market in 2015.

Early adopters were across both the teaching and medical fields.

Working alongside the team at Newcastle University, Paul and Jon were able to ensure a slick product, that offered great user experience.

As VEO was a completely new, innovative product, great care was taken to ensure a positive experience.

2016 onwards

Solid growth

VEO has been embraced across the globe.

We’ve worked with huge universities, medical organisations and businesses, including, the University of Barcelona, LV and Oxford University Press Turkey.

We’re now used in five continents and over 21 countries.

2017 onwards

A global presence and reputation

Our reputation has resulted in many referrals and word of mouth recommendations, we’re incredibly proud to be so highly regarded.

Year after year our renewal rates remain at 100%, which is testament to our solution and its uses.


2022 to date

Introducing AI

AI has been introduced to VEO to further aid reflection and learning, offering maximum insight with minimum effort. Our latest features help users quickly pinpoint who’s talking and how long for, along with common questions and key words.