Case Studies

Filton Avenue Primary School

Location: Bristol

Sites: 2

Students: 670

Teachers: 30+

Creating an effective and efficient teacher development process

We spoke with head of school, Dan Rodeck and assistant head teacher Kat Preece, to find out how the team has embraced VEO across both of their sites, to successfully develop teaching and learning.


A Transparent Development Process

Prior to using VEO, the team at Filton Avenue were engaging in more traditional teaching and learning methods, such as in-person lesson observations and drop-ins. Professional development reviews ran alongside the teaching and learning cycle.

“VEO has helped us implement a transparent, ongoing development process that our teachers can really engage with on an ongoing basis.

We’re dedicated to improving learner experience through the development of our teachers’ practice.

We use the platform alongside a reflection technique, provided through WalkThru’s, to clearly observe, learn about and develop their teaching techniques.”

The ability to create unique tag sets within VEO allows users to easily incorporate reflection and teaching methodology. So they can clearly identify when and how they’ve used certain techniques and how well they’ve been performed.

A New Perspective

VEO enables users to record directly within the platform or to upload videos captured at any time from mobile devices.

“Teachers are encouraged to record whichever lessons they’d like to, specific to an aspect of teaching and learning that they are working on. They reflect on them individually and then with their instructional coach. This cycle repeats itself termly.

“By being able to regularly reflect and receive feedback every 3 weeks, the teachers gain additional insights into their methods and lesson delivery.

VEO has generally given our team more time to reflect and engage, due to a minimised need to travel between sites for in-classroom observations.

We still use learning walks, but not for teacher development. They are used to get a feel for the ‘climate’ of a subject and to inform future CPD planning.”

An Increased Sense of Approachability  

“VEO has been a complete game changer for the way our teachers view and engage with their teaching and learning development. It enables staff to feel an increased sense of approachability and like doors are open with reference to their development opportunities.

Teachers feel like they have more clarity over and support with their development, we’ve been able to implement instructional coaching and increasingly open discussions. In-classroom observations can cause teachers to feel on the spot and nervous, which can impact their delivery. This is why being able to champion their own development through VEO has been welcomed.

Use of VEO and the adaptation of new technology has also further strengthened the culture around pedagogical conversations.”

Supporting Student Progress

“We’ve also been able to use VEO to support our student development. Our teachers have been able to use the reflections within VEO to have conversations about learning behaviours with pupils. It’s also given us an opportunity to track learner engagement and early years foundation stage (EYFS) provision.”

Quotes from colleagues:

‘VEO helps me to focus further on what I am doing well, and not doing. Picking up on small nuances. Less pressure than learning walks and allows more teacher control’​

‘I can really focus upon my key children as I can re-watch my lessons as many times as I need to. I enjoy watching them back and seeing what has worked well. I am aware of much more elements of my teaching’​

‘Changing just one small thing at a time. Allowing me to see my teaching and, especially, the learning that has taken place is a lot more powerful that traditional lesson observations’​

‘Having a 3rd eye helps me to see things from a different perspective and gain a greater understanding of how I can improve provision in order to meet the needs of all learners’

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