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The University of Konstanz

Supporting teachers in training to improve their body language and classroom delivery skills. All within a safe and secure learning environment.

Location: Konstanz, Germany

Established 1966

Students: 10,000+

Full-time staff: 2,800+

The University of Konstanz fosters an environment based on research, communication, curiosity, and interlinking disciplines, alongside a culture of creative collaboration. Students can enrol onto Bachelor of Education teaching courses which are currently using VEO.

Christine Ziegelbauer is a Practical Training Coordinator at the University of Konstanz. She also supports the FEED-U project, which focuses on feedback in teaching and the professionalisation of prospective teachers.

We spoke to Christine to find out how students are using VEO to develop their academic delivery skills ready for the classroom.

Developing reflexive skills and analysing body language

Students that are part of the Bachelor of Education programmes can choose an optional course that uses VEO to focus on developing reflexive skills, analysing body language and self-reflection to assess individual aptitude for teaching as a profession.

Students are tasked with delivering a series of talks and workshops. Each task is recorded and added to VEO. At the end of each event, students analyse their body language within VEO using tag sets to evaluate the impact on classroom management and overall session delivery.

A safe space to learn

Students need a safe place to practice and reflect on their delivery, and VEO provides this. It can be nerve wracking to deliver a talk and get used to speaking in front of people with confidence. Delivery and body language is a huge part of teaching, so it really is key that students are able to focus on these areas to develop reflexive skills and self-regulatory abilities."

Christine Ziegelbauer

University of Konstanz

Helping students make timely improvements

Initially students are paired up to discuss their recordings and insights. They then discuss their findings with the wider group both within VEO and in person. This enables people to make positive improvements and further learning opportunities.

“Through VEO students can make positive improvements to their delivery straight away. Before they are recorded, many believe they have bad habits but when they watch the video back, they realise it isn’t as bad as they thought it was.

For others, they spot their habits straight away such as fidgeting with their hair or sleeves, which can be distracting, so they make adjustments ready for their next recorded activity, such as wearing a different top or tying their hair back”.

Easy to use and secure

“The overall usability of VEO is great, it really does have the best tools and it’s been very easy for us to learn and roll out. It’s easy to keep track and use tags. The overall interface is straight forward to navigate too.

Students appreciate that it’s a secure, self-contained platform. They don’t need to worry about storing their videos anywhere else. Due to GDPR, this is also very important to teachers as we need to ensure that students safely produce and store private, secure content including videos.”

Future use

We see the potential for VEO to be used across our faculties for many of our students and educators. It’s a really useful tool which allows you to reflect, learn and develop in a safe space.”

Christine Ziegelbauer

University of Konstanz

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