VR Training

AI meets Virtual Reality

Unlock the power of VR Training with integrated AI feedback that accelerates learning.


Supercharge Your VR Training

VR training offers incredible learning experiences. Adding AI feedback into the mix gives learners an extra layer of insight without any extra work.


Easy Integration

Our API allows for seamless integration with your existing VR technology. This means rapid adoption and instant added value for users.


Highly Flexible

The beauty of AI is that you can train it to provide the insights you need. It means we can tailor our system’s AI functionality to match your long term goals.


Informed Scenario Design

By combining the data you gather from AI-generated and human feedback, you gain a deeper understanding of what works for learners. So you can design even more advanced VR training environments.


Always Evolving

AI technology is constantly improving and as the tech improves, VEO becomes more intelligent. The result? More illuminating and actionable data for you.


Enhance Learner Experiences

Great understanding leads to improved performance. VEO’s AI-powered reflection maximises what people can learn from tasks demonstrated in a simulation or VR environment.

These organisations unlock key insights from video with VEO

How we work in partnership

Our five stage process ensures you get the most value out of your bespoke AI integration, based on your specific goals and product aspirations.

  • 1. Dream big

    We learn about your goals, assess your current resources, and identify the key experts in your organisation to learn from.

  • 2. Understanding your domain

    We get your existing videos into VEO and set up recording opportunities for real scenarios. We get your expert team involved, and design tagging systems to train your AI bots.

  • 3. Training

    Now it’s time to train your AI bots to match your long term goals. All the while, confirming understanding with your in-house experts.

  • 4. Review and refine

    We run automatic assessments on your videos and refine the AI domain models as necessary to ensure they perform at their best.

  • 5. Ready to launch

    We release your domain models and AI bots, and refine them over time to ensure continuous improvement.

“The simulated experience helps me better my teaching skills and improve my engagement strategies.”

Michelle Haupt Second Grade Teacher, Webster University

chevron_rightWebster University School of Education

From an assessment point of view, it’s much slicker and quicker than what we were doing before. Where recording, marking and moderating used to take two weeks, it now takes us just two days."

Carla Phillips Course Director for Dietetics, Coventry University

VEO is very easy to set up and use with several student groups at once. It offers flexibility for simulations in lifelike locations, outdoors as well as using indoor teaching spaces."

Matt Perry Paramedic Practice Team, University of Gloucestershire

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