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Webster University School of Education

Enhancing classroom simulation feedback with VEO's AI insights

Location: Missouri, USA

Established 1915

Students: 10,000

Full-time staff: 3,000

Webster University School of Education is a community of educator scholars who are committed to providing their students with transformative experiences that impact lifelong learning.

The university has recently adopted VEO in order to utilise the app’s video feedback tools and AI insights. They’re using VEO to give trainee teachers feedback on classroom simulations that they have created and recorded in VR software, Mursion. This combination is allowing trainee teachers to accelerate their skills, evolve their teaching strategies and fully understand classroom engagement methods before they enter a live classroom situation.

A powerful partnership

When combined, VEO and Mursion allow teachers in training to develop their skills with insightful, tailored feedback before setting foot in a classroom with real students.

Through simulations and analysis using VEO, students can examine and improve their teaching behaviours and practices. Using recordings of simulations, they receive feedback and problem-solve with tutors and peers. This means that the next time they’re showcasing their skills in a VR environment, they know exactly where they can improve in order to further engage their students and give them a better learning experiences over time.

AI-enabled feedback

Mursion runs on a video communications platform with animated student avatars created by a trained simulation specialist. Teachers record them presenting in a realistic classroom environment and then the footage is uploaded to VEO for deeper analysis.

VEO allows the recorded footage to be tagged for various teaching behaviours including eye contact, giving directions and asking questions. The AI-insights also allows users to see detailed breakdowns of speakers, speaking time, transcripts, interactions, and engagement levels. This, combined with human feedback from their superiors, easily draws the trainee’s attention to where they can improve next time.

The software massively supports quality teacher training as it provides the opportunity to ask for help with, and get extremely specific feedback on, how to deal with certain situations within simulations. This can then be translated into real world situations when the time comes.

“What do I do in the situation when a student interrupts me a lot, or the times when a student chooses not to interact? The simulated experience helps me better my teaching skills and improve my engagement strategies.”

Michelle Haupt

Second Grade Teacher

The future of teacher training

The VR simulations coupled with VEO’s AI feedback and insights provide a more focused experience that is extremely valuable as the work of teachers continues to become more complex. Coupled with rounded trainer support, Mursion and VEO are helping trainees to build confidence in dealing with a whole range of classroom tasks and challenges in the virtual world, so they can succeed in the real world.

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