Support effective healthcare training

Give effective video feedback on clinical skills and human factors, and demonstrate or assess competence in key areas of clinical practice.


Effective debriefing


Improve clinical skills


OSCE Assessment


Remote Collaboration

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Effective Video Debriefing

Clinical trainees, students and medical practitioners can use VEO for effective debriefing. You can jump to tagged moments in any video and add comments or start discussions around certain skills.

Remote Collaboration

Learners, trainers and peers can easily share videos of what good practice looks like in their field. VEO is used by peer groups situated across the globe to conduct research and learn from peers in other countries.

Efficient OCSE Assessment

Use VEO as a non-intrusive, efficient method for capturing student practice on video. It massively enhances the marking process and frees up staff time to spend in other valuable areas.

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Improve clinical skills

Accelerate learning in technical skills and human factors by giving and sharing targeted feedback on videos of simulations and scenarios. Seeing how they performed for themselves gives students a greater understanding of exactly how to improve.

Create skills portfolios

You can create video portfolios in VEO to demonstrate practical skills improvement over time. Customisable reports also allow you to present the data to back it up.

Increase pass rates

VEO is shown to increase students’ probability of passing across several healthcare courses.

Accelerate clinical skills development

Recording scenarios on video creates a record for immediate reflection and improvement.

Flexible learning

Students can engage with feedback asynchronously to fit around busy placement schedules.

VEO means the students can go home and review, which really enhances their learning. Before, they had to have it committed to memory but now they can see what they've done, add their own comments, or peer review.

Mark Nevins Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science, Teesside University