Improving Skills

Students can develop and improve any vocational or practical skill using VEO. Once a video is recorded and uploaded to VEO, students and their tutors use video tags to highlight key strengths and opportunities for development.

Videos can be securely shared between students or with other tutors for focused feedback and collaboration.

Institutions that use VEO have reported increased student engagement and improvements in student satisfaction levels too.


Built for students

VEO supports blended learning for students. Through recording videos, sharing and tagging, VEO allows for more specific feedback and improved collaboration around key skills and performance.


Record key skills

Students can record themselves in action and use video tags to reflect on their own skillsets. This increases their own awareness of how they can improve what they do.


Improve learning experiences

VEO has been shows to significantly raise student satisfaction and improve learner independence on several courses.


Demonstrate improvement over time

Students can keep their videos as a record of their own skills development over time. This also helps them to clearly demonstrate their improvements in competence to others.


Powerful Peer Learning

Using VEO as a video learning platform creates efficient peer learning systems. Students can give and receive feedback on their own and each other’s performance to improve skills more efficiently.


Prepare students for work

VEO provides an easy way for students to showcase employment skills. From speaking skills for language learning, to performance in sport or drama.

"VEO is the perfect tool for both pre-service and in-service teachers state-wide, and will provide critical professional development opportunities vastly missing in the field."

Kelly Arispe, Boise State University

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