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LV= General Insurance

Developing current and aspiring leaders at LV= General Insurance

Location: Bournemouth

Established: 1843

Coaches trained: 50

Staff: 3500

VEO in the Leadership Community

LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) provides car, home, pet, travel, landlord, breakdown and home emergency insurance to over seven million customers in the UK. There are around 3500 people in the business, and VEO is being used across several departments to improve skill and competence.

VEO is extremely valuable to the work we do. It’s allowed us to run a fully virtual programme for 50 coaches across our business. Over the programme, they submit three videos each and we see a big difference between the first and third video in how they perform as coaches, as well as an improvement in how they self-reflect. Feedback from our programmes has consistently shown that VEO provides the most powerful learning outcomes for our participants.

Kristy Kurowski

Leadership Development Consultant at LV= GI

Improving Coaching Ability

One group using our software is the leadership development team. VEO is supporting them in their role to enhance the confidence and capability of the business’s leadership community.

Initially the team wanted to use VEO to train their trainers but, in their own words, it’s become much more than that.

VEO is now used to develop coaching capability within the LV= GI community of existing and aspiring managers. It’s also used to ensure that managers are having productive 121 and personal development conversations in specific areas.

Tailored Video Tagging

LV= GI follows the International Coaching Federation competencies to ensure their leaders are trained in line with a global standard, so they’ve tailored their video tag sets to follow these.

Feedback is therefore directly related to competencies they’re trying to improve. This means leaders can clearly see how beneficial their conversations are, what they’re doing well, and areas for improvement. Being able to notice key moments in their interaction is empowering leaders’ self-development.

Reaping the Benefits of Remote Observation

Since integrating VEO into the leadership development process the team no longer have to travel between LV= GI’s seven sites to observe colleagues. This has drastically reduced travel time and expenses.

The conversations being monitored can also be more authentic and ‘in the moment’, because they don’t need advanced planning around certain dates. Instead, they can be recorded and shared remotely with the leadership development team at any time.

Decreased Time to Competence

LV= GI’s leaders are progressing quicker because they can take control of when they record coaching sessions rather than waiting for an observer to be on site.

Self-awareness has increased too, as people can use their videos to reflect on their own performance rather than relying on subjective, face-to-face observations.

Experience the power of VEO for yourself.

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