The benefits of using VEO in a corporate environment

VEO is an innovative video-tagging system that combines qualitative video and quantitative data to encourage effective learning and continuous development in the workplace.

VEO can provide businesses with a collaborative platform to analyse staff performance and collate feedback to improve critical interactions and processes that will drive business success.

Provide your team with a platform for continuous professional development

As a business striving for success, it’s crucial to look for ways to continuously motivate and inspire your team to achieve better results.

Using VEO will reaffirm your commitment to providing employees with opportunities for professional development – and in the process help build an innovative and forward-thinking coaching culture.

Use an objective way to analyse performance and collect feedback.

VEO’s technology incorporates powerful video reflection and distribution of clearer feedback data.

It will allow users to generate videos of relevant activities, add pre-defined tags to mark key points and review those crucial moments to provide quality and convenient feedback, adding valuable video evidence rather than just raw statistics on performance.

This results in collaborative practical learning and assessment at distance and scale and those videos become a needed resource to improve practices, while allowing considerable savings on the training process.

Share best practices across your organisation

Within a corporate environment, VEO will create an effective way to improve your business performance and achieve better results.

It will allow you to record key working practices, provide an overview of personal performance strengths while identifying relevant areas for improvement and giving you the ability to share best practices across your organisation to ensure high standards of service.

Save time and money while allowing standardise learning

VEO will facilitate efficient training and quality processes, saving thousands in time, travel, coaching and observation costs, while providing actionable feedback across multiple locations.

It will also allow to standardise operational quality across multiple sites in bigger companies, ensuring consistency in the delivery of services.

VEO can be used to improve a wide variety of working practices

No matter the nature of your business, VEO can help aid your staff learning and development, and maximising efficiency. The video-tagging system can improve presenting, customer service skills, sales pitches and leadership interactions.

It can also contribute to better internal practices and improve communication between staff and management.


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to encourage learning and provide your staff with opportunities for continuous professional development, download our eBook and discover the benefits of using VEO in a corporate environment.

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