Is AI The Future of Teacher Training?

Today, we’re looking at the benefits of AI and how it can enhance teacher training.

Recently, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in teacher training has gained significant traction. Incorporating AI technology has the potential to revolutionise teaching practices and create new possibilities for educators and students alike. However, it’s still being overlooked by a lot of institutions.

So, today we’re looking at the benefits of AI and how it can enhance teacher training.

Data-driven Insights for Effective Teaching

There’s no denying that marking homework and assessments takes a large chunk of your time. But AI can significantly reduce this by analysing large volumes of data and identifying valuable patterns and trends. AI can help you gain deeper insights into student performance, predict learning outcomes and make informed decisions (to name a few!). We don’t know about you, but we like the sound of turning two weeks of marking assessments into two days (as you can with VEO).

By harnessing AI-powered data analysis, you can uncover correlations in student behaviours, identify learning gaps and give support in the right areas. This means you can deliver targeted interventions for better student learning outcomes.

Enhance Classroom Interactions

AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and analyse human language, including student responses and interactions. By utilising AI’s NLP, you can analyse recorded classroom interactions and get insights quickly. Then add your own input to this analysis for enhanced insights.

You can also analyse students’ written work or recorded oral responses using the same process. This analysis helps assess comprehension levels and allows you to provide more targeted and valuable feedback to your students. Using AI, teachers can enhance assessment practices, support student learning, and foster a more interactive and engaging classroom environment – to name a few of the benefits!

Support Professional Development

AI has the potential to completely transform the way teachers receive feedback and develop their skills. For example, VEO analyses videos and automatically tags them with categorised points of interest for you to review. So if you want to review your questioning technique for instance, you can skip to every time you asked a question and see how students reacted. Then you can hone your skills next time if you didn’t get the types of responses you were looking for.

AI-powered evaluation tools like this can help you identify strengths and areas for improvement much more efficiently. Combined with your own experiences and insights, AI can enhance your professional development by facilitating continuous improvement, without mountains of admin.

Empowering teacher decision-making

AI supports and enhances teachers’ expertise, it doesn’t replace it. It provides additional information and insights that empower educators to make informed decisions that improve student learning experiences. AI-generated data can offer teachers a holistic view of student performance, highlight trends, and provide evidence-based recommendations.

In conclusion

Using AI in teacher training has many benefits, in fact, we think it’s the future of education. By leveraging AI’s capabilities, teachers can tap into data-driven insights, enhance classroom interactions, and support their own professional development. AI is a tool that informs decision making and enriches teaching practices, but it’s most powerful when used in combination with human judgement – based on lived experience and knowledge.

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