How VEO’s New AI Features Can Boost Your Feedback

Constructive feedback is a vital part of any workplace, classroom or learning institution. It can help to reinforce positive behaviour, correct mistakes, and clarify direction. The VEO app has been helping teachers and trainers to give rich, constructive feedback for years now, and with the latest update, they can go even deeper into their feedback.

The latest VEO update brought a number of improvements, changes and new features for learners to make use of. Including interactive groups, video banks, and a new, mobile friendly UX. But the feature we’re perhaps the most excited about is the brand-new AI Insights function. Allowing users to squeeze even more information out of videos, including subject and topic analysis, interaction patterns and dialogue transcripts, with minimal effort.

So how exactly can the new update help to boost your feedback? Carry on reading to find out.

Understand Interaction with AI

Reciprocal (back and forth) conversations are critical in many learning environments. For example, in primary and pre-school education, these conversations can nurture positive student-teacher relations, aid brain development, and improve knowledge. While in paramedicine, reciprocal interaction is critical when dealing with emergency situations. With this in mind, tracking the flow of conversation, talking-time and interaction levels can be a massively underrated feedback tool.

VEO’s AI analysis can help you to decode the patterns of conversation, detecting who is speaking in a video and presenting it in a timeline view. This insight can give you valuable information about situations such as classroom interactions, 1-2-1 meetings or patient consultations.


Language Matters

The words that teachers and learners use are exceptionally important, from young children to experienced professionals. We all know how impressionable young learners are, and the language used by those they look up to is often the language that they themselves use. With the new AI features in the VEO app update, it is now easier than ever to see the language that you and your students are using in the classroom with word clouds.

These can highlight how often particular words were used, as well as illuminating the words around them.  How you explained key subject-specific vocabulary will directly influence learning, while professional scenarios often call for careful interaction.

Create word clouds out of the common keywords and language used in your videos. Clearly highlight repeated, high-frequency words and key topics, and identify errors in terminology with ease. This feature has proven useful for professionals of all backgrounds when ensuring that the words being used are relevant to a certain topic of conversation.

If you would like to try out VEO’s AI features for yourself, get in touch with us today and we will be able to unlock the feature, allowing you to make full use of this exciting and powerful technology.

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