Video Enhanced Observation: What Is VEO & How Can I Use It?

Have you ever wished for an objective way to analyse personal performance, or collate feedback? Maybe you want to find a clear way to identify and share best practice? Well, that’s exactly where VEO comes in.

Video Enhanced Observation is an innovative video-tagging system which combines video and data to encourage learning and development.

How Does VEO Work?

VEO uses pre-defined tags to mark key points in user-generated video content. Using video tags allows the user to jump directly to these crucial moments for review. VEO continuously tracks data and presents information in pie charts, percentage sliders and bar graphs.

The combination of qualitative and quantitative data provides an excellent starting point for discussion and reflection. Videos are easily shareable and can be used to promote best practice and identify areas for improvement.

Currently, it is active in three principal spaces:


VEO is used widely to drive improvement in learning. Tagged video gives students an opportunity to showcase key softer skills, whether in presenting, performing or practising for interviews, in a collaborative, blended approach.

Across Universities and schools, VEO is supporting learning outcomes and providing objective practical assessment feedback, adding transparency to the process and driving increased pass rates.

In the US, this is taken to the top, where The Centre on System Leadership uses VEO to drive improvement in School Leader performance across states and districts. Education clients include Barcelona University, Durham University, many schools, and Growth Coaching International, in Australia.


Clinical training is another key area where VEO has a proven track record of driving results. Healthcare departments at Sunderland University, and several others use VEO to measure and improve both technical and interpersonal skills during clinical simulations. Sliders visually track key metrics like patient engagement and comfort level, and tags capture key lightbulb moments for use in assessment, or self and peer reflection.

The innovative system has proven valuable to teaching staff who can give more personalised feedback, and students who can view, analyse and reflect upon personal performance. Flipping the classroom in this way allows best clinical practice to be easily shared and promoted across all students.

VEO is currently used in some of the world’s leading universities to aid clinical training.


VEO has also proven its value in corporate environments, where it is used as a key component in large-scale training, from leadership to sales interactions, presenting and customer service skills. In the context of a sales conversation, you can track quality metrics in critical areas such as discovery questions and objection handling. This allows your sales team to understand their individual strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Our key clients in the sector currently include LV= GI, who use it to support professional development and build a strong feedback culture across the UK.

Whatever your field; VEO can help you capture, analyse and reflect upon performance; aiding learning and development, and maximising efficiency. Interested in knowing more?

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