Benefits of Using Video for Employee Training

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Having a robust training and development programme that provides employees with the skills to develop and progress in their careers is the key to attracting and retaining talented people.

With multi-location, multi-generational workforces becoming increasingly common, more companies are turning to technologies such as video and online learning to enhance their employee training provision.

LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report for 2019 revealed that learning and development budgets are shifting to online learning, and that “compared to three years ago, 59% of talent developers spend more of their budget on online learning and spend 39% less on instructor-led training.”

The beauty of video is that it allows for both of these effective training methods to be combined, bringing many benefits with it.

Deliver training at distance and scale

For organisations with employees across multiple sites, using video removes the need for everyone to travel to the same location for training sessions.

Sessions or workshops can be live streamed, offering the possibility for people to receive training at the same time as their colleagues in other offices. The instructor can deliver the training live to multiple locations, there to answer questions as and when they come up.

Alternatively, trainers can record sessions so that employees can access quality training without having to attend a session on a given day and time. According to the LinkedIn Workplace Learning report, 74% of employees want to learn in their spare time at work, pointing to a clear demand for self-directed learning in today’s workforce.

Cut training costs and travel time

Time spent by both trainers and trainees travelling to and from specific locations can be a drain on learning and development budgets.

Increasing the amount of staff training delivered through video drastically reduces the time and money spent on travel, allowing for budgets to be spent on more valuable areas such as improving the company’s overall employee training and development provision.

Offer an innovative employee learning and development programme

Workforces are becoming more discerning when it comes to learning provision, with a massive 94% of employees saying that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning.

LinkedIn’s survey also found that “it’s imperative for talent development to tap into the potential—and preferences—of all learners. This means that social, mobile, manager involvement, and self-directed learning opportunities will increase engagement, particularly with Millenial and Gen Z workers.”

Video therefore offers another learning resource for creating an engaging and accessible L&D programme, that caters to a variety of learner types and generational preferences.

Improve training provision

The beauty of using videos to train staff is that a video is a visual record of training delivery, there to be continuously improved upon. Specific feedback can therefore be given to the trainer from a company and a participant standpoint.

What’s the best way to capture feedback on a video?

The VEO platform has been built to do just that. It shines a light on critical interactions within videos and makes it simple to share feedback and comments by allowing users to ‘tag’ the key moments for feedback, add notes to explain further, and share them with the relevant people. This allows for feedback to be given on particular aspects of training, so that valuable adjustments can be made to training programmes.

Interested in learning more about using video for staff training?

VEO offers a cost effective, engaging way to train employees, and helps to ensure that your company’s training schemes are always improving. Contact us to arrange a demo.

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