Transforming Education: A Brand New VEO Podcast

Ever since its inception, VEO has been focused on improving learning and teaching in schools, institutes, training centres and companies across the globe. Transforming Education is a brand-new podcast from VEO, bringing you insightful conversations with passionate individuals across the education and training industries.

Hosted by Business Development Manager Nihad Ćehić, each episode will explore some of the most transformational ideas in education from leading academics, practitioners and thought leaders.

In our inaugural episode, we spoke to Professor Rob Coe, Director of Research and Development at Evidence-Based Education, about the use of video in observations, the Great Teaching Evidence Review, the model for Great Teaching, and The Great Teaching Toolkit.

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Since launching, we’ve spoken with Sharan Jeevan, the Founder and Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, and author of Intrinsic: A manifesto to reignite our inner drive, about motivation, purpose, and a reimagining of our education system.

Nihad also sat down with teachers, leaders, and authors of The CPD Curriculum: Creating conditions for growth, Zoe and Mark Enser, to discuss the case for CPD in schools, why it should be considered at every level of education, and how it can be implemented effectively.

More recently, we have welcomed guests such as Newcastle University’s Professors Steve Walsh to discuss evidence-based reflection, and Leeds Beckett’s Professor Rachel Lofthouse to discuss the difference between coaching and training.

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