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Hosted by Nihad Ćehić, Transforming Education explores some of the most transformational ideas in education from leading academics, practitioners and thought leaders.

Combining light chat with insightful analysis, this podcast takes you behind the scenes of the big ideas in education today.

Episode 10: Instructional Coaching with Jim Knight

In this episode, we speak with Jim Knight about his newest book, “The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching: Seven Factors for Success.” We talk about what led Jim into the world of educational research and we discuss each success factor with practical examples.

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Episode 9: Digital Learning with Keith Quinn

In this episode, we speak with Keith Quinn about Digital Learning. We discuss how many organisations have embraced Digital Learning during the pandemic and ways in which you can make Digital Learning meaningful in your own organisation.

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Episode 8: Video Enhanced Observation with Professor Paul Seedhouse

In this episode, we speak with Professor Paul Seedhouse about the launch of his brand new research anthology on Video Enhanced Observation (VEO), yes, that's us! Paul's research anthology includes research from 5 universities on using VEO for language teaching and is available to buy now. On the 16th December, Newcastle University - where Paul works - will host a special research event to launch the book.

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Episode 7: Theory into Practice with Bob Fellows

In this episode, we speak with Bob Fellows, Head of Education at the College of Paramedics, about his remarkable career and his thoughts on transformative ideas in education within the paramedic profession. We touch upon some key trends in the sector and also discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the profession.

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Episode 6: Precise Explanations and Modelling with Michael Chiles

In this episode, we spoke with Michael Chiles about his practial approach to Explanations and modelling as explained in his latest book 'The Sweet Spot'. We analyse different sections of the book, from 'The Streamlined Classroom', to 'Delivering your Pitch'.

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Episode 5: Coaching and Mentoring with Professor Rachel Lofthouse

In this episode, we spoke with Rachel about coaching and mentoring for Early Career Teachers and school leaders. We discuss why coaching is important throughout a teacher’s career and why mentoring matters (#MentorsMatter).

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