How Video Feedback Can Improve Hybrid Teamwork and Collaboration

If we learned anything over the last year and a bit, it is that hybrid working can be an effective working style.

It can boost productivity, help reduce your carbon footprint, and improve work-life balance. But it’s not without its pitfalls. Remote/hybrid workers can sometimes fall prey to organisational ‘silos’. As hybrid workers are often communicated to less, excluded from team-building opportunities, and in some cases, less highly regarded than on-site workers.

This raises a new quandary within many organisations, as to how they can remove these ‘silos’ and adapt to the hybrid future of working. Well, VEO has a few handy tools that can help companies adapt to flexible, remote, and hybrid working styles.

Effective Feedback

Video Enhanced Observation tools allow users to generate videos of relevant learning activities within the workplace. These videos can then be annotated with pre-defined tags to mark key points and review crucial moments. Providing high quality, quick and convenient feedback.

By using VEO, users can access valuable video evidence rather than just raw statistics on performance. Boosting the individual’s opportunity for growth. This results in collaborative practical learning and assessment, even for those working remotely.

Better Communication

In sales team training situations, individuals can be effectively guided through video tagging software, whether at home or in the office. Employees in a video call or in-person meeting can be recorded and assessed by peers at a later point. This not only helps with personal growth, but also to share best practice with other employees. Furthermore, By enabling users to compare video evidenced feedback, personal disagreements are significantly reduced, improving both inter- and intra-team communication.

One of our key clients, LV= GI, currently use VEO to support professional development and deliver strong, actionable training feedback within their sales teams across the UK

Inclusive Training

Using video for training allows everyone to learn from anywhere. With no need to travel to the same location for training sessions.

With video, the vast majority of sessions or workshops can be live-streamed. This means people working at home can receive training at the same time as their colleagues in the office. Instead of hiring out a training space, instructors can deliver training courses live to multiple locations at one time. Attendees can ask questions, participate and learn from wherever they work best.

According to the 2019 LinkedIn Workplace Learning report, 74% of employees want to learn in their spare time at work, rather than at set training sessions. This is now easier than ever with video. Companies can be provided with pre-recorded session packages, allowing employees to access quality training without having to attend a session on a given day and time.

Encourage Hybrid Flexibility

The use of video observation software promotes efficient, flexible training and quality processes. This saves thousands in time, travel, coaching and observation costs while providing actionable feedback across multiple locations.

By removing the rigidity of ‘traditional’ training processes, video feedback also encourages your workforce to work in more flexible ways. This allows your people to work where they perform best. Safe in the knowledge that they won’t be missing out on development opportunities.

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