Episode 14

The Slow Movement with Carl Honoré

In this episode, we talk about how the concept of slow can be applied to the world of education. We touch upon topics like curriculum, mindset and life-long learning.

Carl Honoré is a Canadian journalist and international best-selling author. Often regarded as the Godfather of ‘The Slow Movement’ – Carl has challenged our predilection with the cult of speed in our modern society. Carl has amassed millions of views through his TED Talks on slowness.

Links mentioned in the episode

In the episode, we predominantly interview Carl on his concepts from the book ‘In Praise of Slow’ but touch upon some of his other books such as Bolder and Under Pressure. These are all of the books mentioned during our conversation:

  • In Praise of Slow
  • Under Pressure
  • The Slow Fix
  • Bolder
  • It’s the Journey

The above books can be purchased via Carl’s website.