We spoke to founder of Virginia-based educational consulting company Ronnis Systems Inc. (RSI), Dr. Todd Forgette, and Senior Implementation Consultant, Kelly Belcher, about how and why they use VEO as part of their in-school and online professional development programs.

RSI implements school improvement initiatives across many areas from school leadership and classroom environment & culture, to teacher effectiveness and assessment. They’re currently working with traditional public schools and public charter schools across five U.S. states, and have also worked with schools that follow the UK education system.


Evidence-based Improvement

We asked Todd why he was interested in using VEO, and he told us, “RSI adheres to evidence-based practices when supporting schools. We therefore believe that ‘one and done’ professional development is woefully inadequate at affecting change.”

“We include follow-up in-school coaching with every one of our professional development packages. So to maximise the support we give to teachers specifically, we wanted to give them the opportunity to capture specific aspects of the classroom environment in a concise way.”

“As well as capturing evidence, we wanted our coaches to be able to give immediate and precise feedback that drives real change and improvement, whether we were in the classroom or not. This is exactly what VEO allows us to do through video capture and time stamped feedback.”

“The teachers have shared with RSI that they enjoy being able to go right to the minute/second to see what praise or what feedback was provided so they know exactly what occurred at that time in their video.”

Dr. Todd F. Forgette, Founder, Ronnis Systems Inc.

VEO allows for hybrid coaching

Kelly told us that their programmes can now be delivered through a mix of online and in person coaching since they started using VEO.

“From a coach’s perspective, VEO allows the ability to watch and re-watch a video provided by a teacher, which can’t happen with live in person coaching.”

“The coach can internalize what is occurring in the video, allowing for more detailed feedback to be provided. Some coaches found it helpful to watch the whole video and then re-watch while tagging. This enables the coaches to see the whole picture or the whole lesson before prioritizing what practices need to be addressed first.”



“One school submitted videos through VEO for feedback on their asynchronous videos. The feedback provided at the initial start of the submissions led to so much growth in the videos that little feedback was needed as the end of the school year came to a close.”

Kelly Belcher, Senior Implementation Consultant, Ronnis Systems Inc.

A new way to provide online teacher training

“An aspect that RSI couldn’t do previously is VEO allows us to upload various training videos to share with teachers”, said Kelly.

“This has allowed RSI to reach teachers that may not have been able to attend a specific training or assist them in brushing up on skills that they may need assistance with.”

“Qualitatively, teachers have reported the ease of the video submission and receiving feedback from the coaches. Teachers have also shared that they enjoy the ease of going to the exact moment to see what feedback or comments were shared by the coaches.”



Increasing engagement in micro-teaching

When we asked Kelly and Todd about RSI’s plans for using VEO in future they told us, “We plan on incorporating ‘VEO Edgile Coaching’ into the majority of our professional development packages.”

“The goal is to provide teachers the opportunity to capture their lessons in their own time using strategies aligned to their current educational focus. This encourages engagement in micro-teaching, and means our consultants can continue to provide coaching feedback in a more agile way.”

“The fact that we can create our own specific tag sets that are aligned with the precise professional development focus is a huge bonus, as we can provide a bespoke coaching experience based on each school’s training needs.”


Using VEO for school leadership programs

Continuing to talk about the future, Kelly told us, “We are looking to embed the ‘VEO Experience’ into our Leadership Programs for Principals and our Grade Level Lead Certification Program.”

“We have found that through the use of VEO we are able to facilitate Principals’ Classroom Observation Procedures and Peer Coaching. The VEO Experience enriches RSI’s 6-P’s of Effective Feedback by driving conversations with teachers through video tagging.”


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