Gosforth Central Middle School – Rethinking Lesson Observation

Gosforth Central Middle School (GCMS) was one of VEO’s first customers. A forward-thinking state-maintained middle school with a dedicated staff, and leadership team determined to develop classroom practice and improve learning outcomes for their pupils.

Using VEO, teachers are encouraged to reflect on and share their practice, often choosing to use this in place of formal lesson observations for performance management purposes too. VEO helps improve classroom practice rather than simply serve to indicate that teaching practice has been observed.

GCMS were also one of the first schools to realise the value of VEO in providing pupil feedback. In subjects such as PE, English, History and Drama, pupils have benefited from teachers’ quick access to key points in a video of their learning to really “see” what good learning, good performance, good dialogue and effective skills development actually looks like – boosting confidence and illustrating clear steps for development on the route to success.

Headteacher, Susannah Webb and colleagues reflect on the benefits that VEO has brought to the team at GCMS in the linked video.